Wednesday, August 17, 2005

10 years ago today

I think today is harder than my 30th birthday. I cannot believe I've been a mother for 10 years - and that my little guy is heading into 5th grade and the tween years! I'm so sad cause he is growing up so fast and soon he won't even want me around anymore - moms are so uncool ya know. He's always been the sweetest boy in the world and I guess I'm just afraid of losing that as he grows into a teenager.

I'm so proud of him though, he is such a good kid and has a heart of absolute gold. He is a wonderful big brother to Katie and loves to make her smile. He is always the peacemaker in the family and cannot stand to make anyone unhappy or sad. He's the kind of kid who'd give up any of his treats or possessions to someone else if he thought they needed it, or even just if it might make them smile. He loves space and math and playing Star Wars at recess with his friends. I told him no more of this birthday stuff - 10 is it - I'm putting my foot down - no more growing older! "Ya right mom (rolleyes) " was his response.

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Erin said...

He's an awesome kid, Jenn. Be proud! Happy birthday to him. I love that last picture; you can tell how much he loves being a brother just by looking at it (and how much she loves him). I have the big first birthday coming up with L myself. If it's hard, I can't imagine how hard 10 is! {{{hugs}}}