Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Zoo!

A few weeks ago I was reminded by reading Patti's blog that I meant to take Alex and Katie to the zoo sometime this summer. Today I finally got around to it. It was really a perfect day for it too. The temp was 75 and overcast, but no rain. Just warm enough to wear shorts and normal summer attire, but not hot enough to make anyone uncomfortable or sunny enough to have to get too concerned about sunsceen. I was worried that Katie would poop out on me half way through and we'd have to leave early with a cranky kid, but she did really well and even took a short nap in the stroller as we went through the nocturnal building (which is of course dark).

Alex and I really had a good bonding time I think. Katie was sort of contained in her stroller and thus did not take away too much of the attention from the activity or from us talking about all the cool animals we were seeing. Alex loved looking at all the animals and even rode the glider swing that goes across the park on cables (not sure if I'm describing that right).

When she was awake Katie had a great time too - she loved looking at the large aquariums of fish and she also got to pet a goat which is apparently very exciting for a 15 month old.

I'm a little pooped from all that walking but it really was a perfect day and a nice capper for our summer. Alex goes back to school on Sept 1 - a week from today - so I'm glad we got it in before then.

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cathymk said...

That's a great photo of the big cat with Katie!
Sounds like a wonderful day.