Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Yikes! I've never seen Katie so enthralled. With Alex we let him watch as much TV as he wanted when he was little. As a result we now have a very TV addicted almost 10 yr old. So with Katie we haven't been exposing her to much - we're hoping she'll have other interests first and we won't be always battling how much TV time she gets like we've ended up doing with Alex.

Today I turned on the TV while I was reading the BBs and figured if it was going to be on - might as well be something she'd like. So I turned on PBS and there was Teletubbies. Now I've done this from time to time in the past with Barney or Sesame Street or Mr. Rodgers and she'll watch for a few seconds and go back to playing and then watch a few seconds here and there but not really sitting down and watching the whole thing. Apparently La La and Dipsy are far more fascinating than any of those other shows. She was not only watching, she was laughing and dancing and swaying to the music and singing 'La La, La La'.

Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I guess I'm glad she enjoys the show and is old enough to actually participate in what they are doing on the show. BUT - have I addicted her already in the short half hour stints she's been watching TV?

On the stitching front I'm feeling kind of conflicted. I've finished all my fair projects, I'm caught up and even ahead on my RRs, and I've widdled down my rotation of 10 projects to 4 over the past 2 years. I had been telling myself I'd start a new project after the fair and after my RR stuff was all ready to go. Well, I also told my mom I would do MLI's Angel of Summer for her. She is the family member that seems to appreciate my stitching the most - so I don't like to deny her requests. She also knows it will be a few years probably before the project is done. I'm just not crazy about this project though - I think because I recently got into Just Nan and Chatelaine and would rather start one of those. *Sigh* I think that Angel of Summer will be more fun than I expect because there is a lot of pink - and I'm embarassed to admit that I'm one of those girly girls about pink. I just love it. I just need help getting into it I guess. Oh well, I don't think it'll take me too long to finish Cottage Garden Fairy, so I'll get to have a new start again when that is finished.

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