Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Beginning to function again

Yikes, it has been a long time since I was that sick. I managed to get through the rest of the day at work yesterday somehow. I'm just so glad I haven't been placed at a client site yet, so all that was really expected of me was to sit at my desk and not fall out of my chair. I did have to sit through one hour meeting about an upcoming asignment that I'm working on today and just making it through that one hour focusing and engaging was really challenging. And there was no slacking cause it was just three of us in a room, the other two bringing me up to speed on the project. If I had been just one iota more sleepy I'd have just closed my eyes mid sentence and fallen asleep right there.

It only got worse when I got home cause I arrive two hours before DH and of course Katie is still mega-clingy during that time cause she is still adjusting to the daycare. I managed to feed her a microwave hotdog and Alex cooked his own dinner also in the microwave. I fell asleep on the couch and asked Alex to come out in the living room and watch his afternoon cartoons and make sure Katie doesn't hang herself from the rafters. She just sat and climbed on me while I slept and I was too tired to care. DH saved me when he came home and took over Katie and her clinginess, thank God.

I felt a bit better around 9pm after the kids were all in bed so I had some bread. Apparently a mistake as I was up again at 3am with the stomach cramps just like the night before. Somehow I managed to sleep through them much better this time around. When I'd wake up hurting I'd just roll over and fall back to sleep. I guess I was just too tired to care that my stomach was in knots.

Today I'm much less sleepy, but the stomach is still a little woozy. I cautiously ate a bit of cereal for breakfast and had some water at my desk instead of coffee or hot choc. My stomach is still cramping some, but not nearly as much as yesterday, so hopefully I'm turning the corner. I actually got to do real work this morning - diving into the assignment the meeting was for yesterday. It feels good to be productive.

Stitching wise I got quite a bit done over the weekend on Karen's Mira RR. I wasn't able to do anything last night because of being sick, but I'm hoping I'll get in a few hours tonight provided I continue to feel better. I'm stitching a portion of "Baby Boat" which is a really nice pattern but one I might not ever get to if I was going to do the whole thing. I hope Karen likes it when it is done. :)


Stitchie Kiwi said...

((hug)) hopefully you'll recover VERY quickly - being a Mum, working AND taking care of your children is hard work.

Jill in CA said...

((((Jenny))) It's so rough being sick, working, and being a mom!! I've got a chest cold but that's nothing compared to what you've got. I hope you are all better real soon.