Monday, February 13, 2006

An Ordeal

UGH! I had all these plans to take care of some volunteer work I'm doing for Alex's school, get Katie to the DRs office to catch up on her shots, and get home in time to make dinner. HA!

I left work a bit early with the approval of the boss only to get in my car and realize that the battery was dead because *smarty pants me* left the lights on this morning. What a feeling of dread realizing I needed to go back in and beg a jump off these people (who are really very nice!) I just met this past week. I *hate* hate, hate when I make a fool of myself in front of people I'm still getting to know.

Anyway, one nice man who started the same day as me offered to help me jump the car, only between the two of us we couldn't figure it out, rocket scientists that we are. Yeah, we knew red was positive, black negative and how to attach to the battery and such, but we were having zero luck. Finally we had to give up and when I went back in and told the receptionist my dilemna she knew just who to call. Soon our office computer network guru showed up and went out to take a look. Turned out we were stupidly trying to ground the negative charge on the stalled car on plastic instead of metal. DUH! Started right up after he tried it the right way. Thankfully I was then able to start home only an hour and a half after I was supposed to leave.

I managed to call Alex's school during all of this and have him walk the mile home. He knows there is a hidden key and where it is, but couldn't find it. So by the time I had picked up Katie and gotten home he had been outside for an entire hour, including the walk. I felt so terrible for him, and he looked so worried and then relieved when I finally drove up. I went and got Little Caesar's for dinner as all that just sent me too far over the edge for making dinner. Alex really likes that place and I was figuring he could use a little treat about now.

So now I have to do the volunteer stuff tomorrow while I'm on my way to my interview and I had to reschedule Katie's doctor appt, which wouldn't be such a big deal except that she is behind on her shots now cause we were without medical insurance for awhile when I wasn't working.

I am going to sleep good tonight. I'm just glad we are all home safe and fed. I need to go stitch and relax now!


bunnyhead said...

Wow! What a day. I think it was days like that that made me quit my full time job. lol.

PS: For some reason your blog never shows up on blogroll as being updated? I don't know what's wrong with BR, but I'm making a point to drop in morew often!

Cat said...

Sounds like quite an adventure. Glad to hear I'm not the only one that stuff like that happens too. lol

Hope things are starting to go more smoothly. :)