Thursday, February 16, 2006


UGH. That is what I get for commenting on all those easterners blogs about how pretty the snow looked. We got our own dumping last night and this morning. My bosses were nice enough to tell me to go home this morning at about 10:45am due to the weather. In retrospect probably not the smartest thing, since it was the peak of the storm at the time. I would have been better off waiting an hour or two for the worst to blow over before heading home. Anyway, I went and it was the worst driving conditions I've ever been in. It was white-out conditions and unfortunately the tires on my little old dodge neon are not that new. I was white-knuckling it and going slow and cautious all the way home. Somehow I made the ususal 35 min drive in about one hour, which I would have thought would be a very optomistic estimate. I picked up Katie at the daycare on my way home since I didn't want to drive any more in the snow than necessary and I was going right by the daycare on my way home. I got home just in time for lunch and her nap. Then I spent the next two hours shoveling the driveway while she napped so DH won't have to do it when he gets home tonight and so that I'd be able to get back out of the driveway to get Alex from school which miraculously was still on today. Of course about the time I finished the plow came through. ARGH. Okay, I knew that was going to happen and of course it was necessary, but then I had to shovel a lot of really heavy snow from the end of the driveway so that I could get out to go get Alex from school. And all of the snow was wet and heavy, but I had to get it cleared cause it is supposed to be really cold tomorrow and all that wet snow would be iced down and impossible to remove if I didn't do it now. My back and arms are now killing me! No extra stitching time for me on this snowday! Maybe tonight after a hot shower!


Autumn said...

My sister and I would work at the end of the driveway and look really helpless...we usually ended up getting a plow to stop and do the driveway. A few years ago I was talking about that with my parents and they were like duh! Why do you think we sent y'all out there? Fortunately, down here we don't have to worry about snow very much.

Jill in CA said...

Glad you made it home safely! I guess shoveling counts as exercise at least, right? I hope the road conditions are much improved by the next time you have to be out driving again.