Monday, February 06, 2006

Day 1

Well today went as well as could be expected. The good news is I found out my boss is fine with me coming in early so that I can leave early and be home in time to pick up Alex from school. The bad news is that Katie looked so sad when I picked her up today. So listless... that is the only word I can think of to describe it. I picked her up when I walked in the door and it took a minute for it to register with her that it was really mama. She just had a blank stare on her face and her eyes were sort of puffy so I know she had been crying. The teachers said she was pretty fussy, but no more than to be expected for a first day of a kid who isn't used to daycare at all. I'm sure she'll adjust, I just felt like the worst mommy in the world. She seemed to bounce back okay though once I got her home.

DH said his first day went okay too - now we have to sort through all the benefit info and decide whose insurance we will use for medical, dental and vision. Joy.

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cathy (catkoztx) said...

I was thinking about you today Jenn. Katie will be fine. It's a big adjustment for her and will take some time. Hugs to both of you.