Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bedtime Bathroom Breakthrough

Only my child would have a potty training break through at 2:50 a.m. Yes, a.m. At least I hope it was a break through. She has been using the potty at my prompting since she was about 16 months, but doesn't tell me she has to go very often. Occasionally when she has to poop she will tell me, but never when she has to pee. Anyway, I hope that is changing in light of the middle of the night events last night/this morning.

I woke up at 2:50am to the sound of her crying in her room. Not fussing like she sometimes does right before she drifts back to sleep - but really crying. So I go in there to see what the problem is and she seems like she is crying in her sleep. So I try to cover her back up and tell her it is okay (thinking maybe bad dream?) and I attempt to leave. Whoa! Big mistake mama!

Katie gets out of bed before I reach the door to her room and throughs the biggest tantrum I have seen from her (trust me - this is saying something!). She kicks and screams in place and when I try to pick her up and put her back in bed she throughs herself on the floor still kicking and screaming. I realize something is up and try to get her to talk instead of just scream. Finally I'm able to make out "poopy" in between shrieks. I'm skeptical because she has used this trick in the past to get out of bed when she doesn't have to go but just wants to be out of bed. But she is really upset and I figure it cannot hurt to take her.

Once on the potty she pees for what seems like forever. I wait awhile since she is still wanting to sit on the potty and not go back to bed thinking maybe the "poopy" is still coming. It doesn't after about 10 minutes so I pack her back off to bed without any more fuss from her and she is sleeping almost immediately.

I really hope this means she didn't want to pee in her diaper and wanted to pee on the potty so she wouldn't have to sleep wet. I don't care if she uses the wrong word (poopy instead of pee or potty) as long as she is telling me when she has to go! She started wearing pull-ups this week at home and at daycare and I've been putting her on the potty at lot more at home and they are starting to do it at daycare now too since she is now in the 2 yr old room. We've also had a few trial runs in underwear so that she can feel what it is like to go in her pants and actually be wet. Seems like maybe some of it is sinking in!

DH gets her ready for school in the morning (I leave before the rest of the family is up) and he said that yesterday she kept pulling down her pull up and asking to be put on the potty. Then she wouldn't go. Finally he left her there for about 5 minutes while he was doing some other things in the next room to get ready for work. He heard her say "all done" a few times but didn't think much of it because she sometimes says that immediately after sitting down and lots of times it doesn't really mean anything. When he finally went back in to get her she was standing on her step stool that is in front of the toilet with a big ole turd between her feet on the step stool. "All Done Daddy!" Had to laugh at that one!

Anyway, cross your fingers that we are on our way with the potty training!


Singular Stitches said...

Yay potty training! Any potty episode is BIG! Congrats! :o)

~Harsha~ said...

seems like she's improving! WTG :)