Friday, June 23, 2006

Foldable Books RR

This is what I stitched for Autumn's Foldable book Round Robin. The large design on the left will be made into one of the four "faces" of the book, and the two smaller designs on the right will become the scissor fob. Autumn included Silk n Threads varigated thread to do the main color in and then we got to pick the coordinating colors for the rest of the design. On the book face I chose Minnimura MT 220 a hand-dyed Australian thread for the stems of the flowers and then used a pretty pink silk thread from a Dinky Dyes Oops pack. For the scissor fobs I used all Silk Mori thread from Kreinit, except of course for the thread that Autumn provided. I think they came out well.

In other news Katie is sick AGAIN. I know the first year at daycare/school is bad for all kids with getting illnesses and building up their immune system and such but Geesh! I'm ready for a break. I'm home with her today since she has a fever (under control thanks to children's Advil) and she didn't really sleep much last night. She is napping now though, so hopefully she'll be better soon. Of course this means I'll probably spend my weekend and maybe Monday and Tuesday getting over it myself - cause I always catch whatever the kids bring home.


cathymk said...

Beautiful Jenn!! Just lovely. I think this will be an RR to watch.
I've been feeling tempted by the Chatelaine Leporello at the moment I don't really want another WIP really!!

Lelia said...

Jenny: The foldable book is beautiful!!! Wow : D

Sorry poor Katie is taking in all the bugs from Day Care. Just think, when she is in kindergarten & first grade, she will get perfect attendence.

So, tell me, what are you planning to enter? I hope to get a photo album together for my fair entries (in July). I love the fair - really look forward to it every Summer.

Rose said...

Your book is gorgeous Jenny. I love the colors you chose. I can't wait to watch them grow, I wish I had done this rr with you'all, but I just had too much on my plate to get it all ready.

I'm sorry your daughter has picked up all of the daycare bugs. I remember how rough that can be. I hope she feels better soon.