Monday, June 26, 2006

Random Happenings

  • Finished the cross stitching on Chatalaine's Sampler Mystery II last night - now to do the beading, which isn't much, and frame. Picture within the next few days. :)
  • Katie has an ear infection - most likely the same ear infection she had a few weeks ago when we were all so sick. She had an antibiotic to clear it up then, but apparently it just got better for a bit and now it is back and so are the antibiotics. Hrmph.
  • Alex had his first orthodontist appt last week. Luckily, the dentist thinks we should wait another 6 months or a year for his mouth to grow a bit on its own before intervening with braces. Will definitely need braces in some form though in the future. There just will not be enough room in his upper jaw for all those teeth. At least our finances have a bit more time to prepare for the expense of braces as we are still paying back debt from when I wasn't working. (Only a little bit left now though - yay!)
  • Speaking of Alex, he is now as tall as my nose! This is very disconcerting, it reminds me that in just over two years he will be a teenager! I am way too young to have a teenager for a son! And besides, didn't he just learn to cross the street and ride a bike? Oh yeah, that was like 5 - 6 years ago. I feel really good about him though and how he is turning out so far - such a great kid. Crossing my fingers that the teenage years don't change that!
  • Katie has learned her last name at school. I was pushing her in the stroller the other day and said something like "That's my Katie" to her and she shouted, "Katie (last name), mama." A day or two later she heard me refer to her brother as "Alex (last name)" and she got all indignant. "No mama, my (last name), Katie (last name)." Sean thinks this is hilarious and eggs her on, saying Daddy (last name) and she'll get all mad and yell that it is "My (last name)". Pretty funny
  • A large limb of our tree just fell off about a week ago. It was raining a bit, and I discovered it when I came home from work so I wondered if it had stormed more at home than it did where I work during the day. Turned out when I had a tree trimming service come to cut up the branches and take them away that the tree is rotting on the inside. :( It is a beautiful tree too, but will eventually have to come down.
  • I think I'm going to start actively looking for a new job. I'm worried that my lack of placement at this one is eventually going to bite me, so better to start looking for prospects on my own instead of waiting for an ax to fall. I'm a bit anxious about it, but at least I still have a paycheck coming in for now.

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bunnyhead said...

That is so cute about your DD and her last name. lol! My 9 year old was told she will need "extensive orthodontics" when her time comes. Pretty scary words as all that means is big $$$.