Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Disney Anticipation

We are now less than 30 days away from our trip, and my planning obsession has shifted into high gear! The kids are full throttle into it too - most of our dinner conversation is now about the trip and what we will do on the trip, what it will be like to fly on the airplane, and be on a cruise ship. We are doing a Disney Land & Sea trip which means the first half is at Disney World in Florida, and then we take a 3-day Bahamas cruise before returning home.

It doesn't help that at work I really have nothing to do right now. I ended my last consulting assignment as a technical editor on March 30 - and I'm benched at the moment. My next assignment is already waiting in the wings - I'll be writing some online coursework for a financial/banking company - but my firm hasn't worked out my start date yet. So I have to come in to the office everyday (since I'm salaried) but there is NOTHING for me to be doing. Except obsess over Disney of course!

I have each day planned out, with breaks in the middle of each afternoon to avoid Katie meltdowns and DH meltdowns. Sean gets a little grumpy and stressed in crowded or overstimulating situations, so I tried to plan breaks for him too. We are spending the half day after we arrive at MGM Disney studios, since it is one of the smaller parks and we aren't interested in doing the big scarey rides there - so we can probably finish it that day. We are going to eat at Sci-Fi theater there for dinner that night and if Katie hold up (we'll see), we are going to stay for the Fantasmic! fireworks show. Alex and DH are really excited about the theming at the Sci Fi - you eat in "cars" and watch old drive in flicks and have burgers and milkshakes. :) Exactly our kind of restaurant! :)

I also have planned to do the Hoop-Dee-Do review, 2 days at Magic Kingdom, 2 days at Epcot, and an evening and a morning at Animal Kingdom. If we can do all I have "scheduled" with no major meltdowns it will be a miracle, so I'm just hoping we get to do most of it and I'm going to try to go with the flow if we have to detour from our plans. I know it will be a lot to take in, and it will be better to take a time out and miss out on something than to have a complete meltdown that will be harder to recover from.

Right now I'm anxiously awaiting our cabin assignment on the ship. We booked a guarantee room (really had no choice as the category we wanted didn't have the option to pick our stateroom at the time that I booked). If you book a guarentee you are guaranteed a stateroom in that category or one above it, but they get to pick which one. I'll be happy no matter what room we get, I just want to know where we are going to be so I can start mapping out in my head where we are in relation to the pool, the kids clubs, and everything else. I know, it is an obsession!

Anyway, guess I've bored you all long enough with all the details. I will be posting a detailed trip report when we return, so you might want to avoid my blog for a week or two after we return May 13! :)


Jamie said...

Oh I love planning! A girl after my own heart. I would be doing the same thing!

Lana said...

No boredom here! I wish I were going too!...Do you think I'd fit in your suitcase? LOL! Planning is so fun! Just look at all the thought and planning us stitchers do when we are thinking about a new project! or how to organize all our rotation spots, and projects! It's a sickness! LOL

Susan said...

Sounds like fun!! I also love to plan vacations, too! I hope everyone co-operates!

Cheryl said...

Your trip sounds brill!! Can't wait to read all about it, i love disney, been there twice when i was younger with my family (okay the last time i went i was 21...im a big kid!)

Jill in CA said...

I do the same thing with "obsessive planning", over anything and everything. Glad to know I'm not the only one!