Monday, April 23, 2007

You're Not My Friend!

Katie has officially transferred over to the three year old room at daycare. I'm really glad we decided to go ahead with it now instead of waiting til her birthday at the end of next month. The three year old room is more educationally structured and uses an early preschool curriculum. In the two-year old room they definitely did structured and educational activities, but just not really like being in a 'school' type environment. Katie really likes having circle time and the extra structure, and I can tell she really likes the feeling of achievement when she learns something new and can then practice it right there in the classroom. She also feels so grown up being with the other "big" kids. She is just bursting with pride at moving up to "Miss Katie's room" (the teacher's name is Katie too).

Of course, it hasn't all been roses and rainbows. I've also noticed the beginning of that girly cattiness we've all experienced at one time or another in groups of our peers. She talks about other little girls in her class and how they didn't want her to play with a certain toy, or how she and another girl didn't let so-and-so play. Whenever she is upset with me now, for say making her go to bed on time (oh the horrors!), she'll say, "You're NOT my Friend!" Apparently, this is the be-all end-all of three year old girls and their tiny social psyches. DH and I have of course been reminding her to be nice to the other girls, but really I get the sense that it is tiny squabbles forgotten within minutes. She doesn't seem to be adversely affected except for the new line to use on Mommy when she doesn't get something she wants. Kind of funny, but it also just took me aback to see my sweet princess (yeah, right!) already figuring out and particpating in this social stuff.

In stitching news, I spent all my stitching time this weekend working on Angi's Mira RR. I'm getting close to being finished - but still not quite there yet. Will probably finish within the next few days - possibly even tonight, but I'm just not sure how long the beading will take, so we'll see.


Jamie said...

I cannot wait to see each and every step of these Mira RRs. I'm sure they will be stunning. I'm glad Katie is enjoying the 3 year old room. Your trip is coming up too right?

Erin said...

Oh good grief, I'm having elementary school flashbacks! LOL Yes, I can imagine it would be rather startling the first time you hear that from your child. Kind-of eerie, I would think. Glad she's enjoying her new challenges, though.

bunnyhead said...

Oh yes, the you're-not-my-friend is the worst insult imaginable at 3-4 years old. That and your-dress-is-not-pretty. We have both of those all the time at my house! Usually when one or the other needs a nap!