Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring Exchange Revealed

I sent my Spring Exchange item to Marjean. Click on her name to visit her blog where she posted some pictures of the needlebook I stitched for her. It is the needlebook design included in the "Silkwood Manor" pattern designed by Just Nan. I think it came out really nicely if I do say so myself even though I was sort of nervous about the finishing.

In other news I found out our cabin assignment on the ship for our trip is room 8092! This is awesome because it is a Category 4 cabin and we booked a Catagory 6 - seems we scored a free upgrade. Woo Hoo! Not an incredible difference in the rooms really, just a bit bigger room and an extra pull-down murphy bed - so we won't have to use the upper bunk for one of the kids if we don't want to. We're excited anyway.

I also have almost finished another square on Katie's blanket - just the backstitching left, then it'll be onto 2 more letters on the Alphabet blanket. Those go by quick, so I'm hoping to get going on Angi's Mira RR sometime over the weekend. :) I only have one more square to do for Katie's blanket after this one, so I'll be really glad to have that whole thing done! I've decided to replace it with Silkwood Manor in the small rotation I have going.


bunnyhead said...

Oh my Jenn, I just took a peak and it is sooooo beautiful! You did an amazing job with that needle book!

cathymk said...

Wow!! Beautiful work Jenn!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful needlebook!

Jamie said...

Beautiful needle book! Congrats on the upgrade.