Monday, July 18, 2005


We spent this past weekend camping with my two sisters and their families. It went okay, but it was REALLY hot for being outside the whole day. My youngest sister and her husband picked the campground, which was a state park. That meant that we had to park the car about a mile from where our campsite was and treck all our gear in with carts to the site. UGH! This sister is pregnant now, but does not have any children yet. I guarantee you she won't be picking a site like that with a toddler in tow. Heck, I don't know how she even stood the heat being 7 months preggo. Since we were way back in the wilderness it was nice and peaceful and serene. I know that is the effect they were shooting for, but with little kids sometimes you gotta go with convenience over serenity. The kids all had fun at least - we could swim right off our lakeside campsite and since it was so hot we spent most of the weekend getting in and out of the water. Luckily my other sister had the foresite to bring lots and lots of drinks and I brought tons of sunblock for the kids. We also managed not to cook too much over the fire by having cold sandwiches for lunch and we used a hot plate to cook pancakes and french toast for breakfast. We waited to have dinner til pretty late, like 8pm when the sun wasn't beating down so bad.
We will probably skip next year as Wendy's baby won't be old enough to take then, but in two years we are going to try to make it a once-a-year family get together. Karen and I will be insisting on a campground where you can park your car next to your tent though!
Oh the pic is Katie having fun in the sun at the campground. :)

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