Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Noah's Ark Blanket

I managed to finish the last of my pieces for the fair last night. :) Here is the Noah's Ark Blanket I made for my sister's baby due end of Sept. This is mostly a combination of two patterns. The animals and rainbow in the squares on the outside are from TW's Noah's Ark (except for the cows and parrots). The inside design is Marie Barber's Noah's Ark afghan and the stars in the corners are also from that design. The unicorn in the bottom right is from TW's Fantasy Sampler and the cows are from a Lori Birmingham ornament. The parrots are just copied from the center design. I omitted the elephants and rhinos from the TW design cause I didn't want any animals that were sort of cut off and didn't show the whole animal. I had to make a few slight modifications to the turtle and squirrel blocks for that reason too. Also, I always make a quilt/blanket for each new grandchild in our family and there are always cows since my dad runs a dairy farm. So I had to find a cow for this one too. :)

I made one other change too - the rabbits are done in grays instead of browns. I rearranged the squares a bit because of substituting some animals and didn't want the deer and rabbits to be the same color right next to each other, so my rabbits are gray instead of the brown on the original pattern.

There is also a pic above of the back of the blanket so that you can see I used a rainbow colored fleece. There is also a thin layer of light tan colored cotton between the afghan cloth and the fleece so that the rainbow colors wouldn't show through the front. It is edged with a white satin.


Autumn said...

That is fantastic! I'm really jealous because I know I wouldn't have the perseverance to finish something like that. or sew it LOL

cathymk said...

That's really lovely! What a labour of love. Good luck at the fair.