Wednesday, July 27, 2005

What a difference a day makes! :)

Whew! Today was such a good day. I didn't get irritated at all by Katie and I felt relaxed and happy all day. I really felt like I was enjoying her rather than resisting her clingyness. I don't think she was really that different either - it was me that was different. I just needed that break I got yesterday. A little me time did wonders for my attitude I think. It is so much easier to accept that you have to take full responsibility for this little person when you don't feel like they are sucking out your soul! Okay, that sounds way more dramatic than I really mean it, but the right words are escaping me right now. Anyway, today was a good day - I'm happy with my life, my daughter and son (and DH too) are wonderful people, all is right with the world. What more could a girl ask for? I just feel it all coming together I guess. Now to plan my next day to get away for a bit so I don't head into that burn out I felt a few days ago again. :) I have a baby shower to go to on Sunday - so I think that will help since I'll be going to that solo.

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