Monday, July 25, 2005

Getting Ready for the Fair

Today is entry day for the fair. I rounded up everything I'm entering for a group photo. :) Alex helped me carry everything into the expo center and entertained Katie in her stroller while I handed everything over and got my claim tickets. Just dropping the stuff off has me in a great mood. I even love this part of it - there are always all sorts of crafty people entering their things and talking to you in line. I just love seeing what everyone else did and is entering and trading compliments on each other's work. There will be plenty more of that tomorrow and no kids in tow! Woo Hoo! I'll probably post an update tomorrow with whether or not I won any ribbons. I really go for the experience of mingling with other obsessed stitchers and crafters - so if I don't win anything that will be okay. There is actually quite a bit of stiff competition, so coming home empty-handed is likely - but I don't care. :)

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