Saturday, July 02, 2005

Just trying out blogging to see what all the fuss is about I guess. Seems everyone has a blog these days and I thought it might be nice to have one to post my stitching progress. There will probably also be occasional pictures and stories about my DH, 9yr old son Alex, and 1yr old daughter Katie. :)

Here is a pic taken of the kids in late March, just as the last of the snow here in southeastern WI melted.

Since I'm going to keep track of my stitching here, I'll start by listing what I currently have in progress.

Noah's Ark Afghan - This is a baby afghan I'm doing for my sister whose first baby is due end of Sept. I stitched TW's Noah's Ark animals in the squares around the border and an stitching a Marie Barber Noah's Ark design from JCS in the center. I'm getting close to have this done - maybe will finish in two weeks? That is good because I plan on entering it in the state fair and have to have it turned in by July 25 to make the fair deadline

2001 Mirabilia Cherub - This is the one of the angel holding the baby. I'm about 3/4 done and will probably also finish this one within the next week or two. In addition to my sister being pregnant right now, I also have several girlfriends who are currently expecting. I will probably give this as a gift to one of them after the fair. This will be entered in the small xstitch category at the fair

Stitcher's Lane RR - I've finished my stitching on Mary's RR - I will get Kari's somewhere around the end of the month. This is my first RR and has encouraged me to sign up for two more RRs. They are more fun than I thought!

Cottage Garden Fairy - probably somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3 done. She is stitching up really fast compared to Lady of the Flag - which I recently completed. Lady of the Flag will be entered in the fair too.

English Garden Welcome - I have the border done, the WELCOME in the top middle and a start on the main picture. Not really active on this one right now as I'm trying to finish up stuff for the fair. I plan to work on it again once the fair is over

Hardanger Table Runner - cannot remember the designer right off hand but I'm doing it on 32ct white Joblean with dusty rose Vicky Clayton silks and white perle cotton threads. It's beautiful. Also will be more active after the fair

Open-themed RR - This is getting ready to start the first week in August, so I'm in the process of getting my piece ready to send out. I'm doing a butterfly theme on a hand-dyed blue fabric. I've started the border backstitching butterflies from a sampler in JCS using Amenthyst Wildflowers. After I have more done I'll post a pic -maybe tomorrow

Right now I'm just rotating three projects at a time in order to complete things for the fair. I'm working on Noah's Ark Afghan Mon, Tues., Wed. Then Mira Cherub Thurs. and Friday. I was doing Cottage Garden Fairy Sat and Sun, but this spot gets bumped whenever I need to work on a RR - this weekend I'm setting up the Butterfly piece for the RR and working on that. I plan to go back to a larger rotation after the fair.

Ah the fair - I guess I'll write a little about that while I'm at it. I really like going to the fair and entering my pieces. Sometimes I win, sometimes not and it doesn't seem to be too predictable. I like to people watch all the other stitchers too. Some get into the whole winning/losing thing so much. I just really like seeing what other people are stitching and hearing the judges comments about what they were looking for and why stuff won. I had to skip last years fair cause I had a newborn at home but this year DH is going to take a day off so I can go to the judging.

I'm entering

Hardanger/openwork category - Katie's Baptism Dress
Cross Stitch larger than 150 square inches - Lady of the Flag
Cross Stitch between 50 and 100 sq in - Sisters
Cross Stitch less than 50 sq in. - Mira Cherub 2001
Cross Stitch not a framed picture - Noah's Ark Afghan

I'll post pics of all this stuff as I finish and as the fair gets closer. :)

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