Sunday, October 23, 2005


I was so excited to be finally nearing the completion of the Kloster blocks in the border for my table runner only to find that they did not meet up! I was two, yes two threads off. After much angst and counting and cursing I found that there were two separate places where I had made a kloster block incorrectly. In one instance it was one thread too large, in the other one thread too small. Now normall that would equal itself out except that they were made in opposite directions making me two threads off instead. I toyed with the idea of fudging it, but since everything on the inside is based on the outside border, and threads have to be withdrawn, there would really be no way to make the inside look right without ripping a bunch out.

If you look real close at the photo you can see a grid line I basted in (after I realized there was a mistake - duh, should have done that in the beginning to prevent mistakes!) about 1/3 of the way in from the right hand side. Everything to the right has to be ripped and restitched in order to correct both mistakes. I am so mad right now, but I'm determined to fix it and have the border done before I put it away cause I know if I don't I'll never want to pull it out again. I'm using all my angry energy to rip, rip, rip. I have ripped and redone one set of white and rose colored hearts, and basted a line to make sure they match up, so this pic is a little outdated. I'm hoping I'll be able to rip and restitch everything by tomorrow or sometime Tuesday. We'll see though, it took 3+ hours to rip and redo two sets of white and rose (one set on each side). So it'll likely take 3 more hours to do another set, plus all the rose on the end. I guess it depends on how much stitching time I get in the next few days.

Sorry for the rant - just had to tell some people who would understand and commiserate. DH tried to be supportive but he just kept saying, "Leave it, no one will notice, it looks good to me." That would work, and I would do it for cross stitch, but if you have to remove threads - there is just no way to fudge it and still have it look like it is supposed to.

Anyway, I still think it will be a beautiful runner when completed. I'm using plain DMC perle cotton for the white and Dusty Rose silk perle from Vikki Clayton for the rose color. It is charted for all white, so I'm having fun deciding which portions to accent in the rose color.


bunnyhead said...

It's okay. Let it out, we understand completely! It looks like it will be such a nice piece when it's done. Carol just wrote that she is having to pull threads out of one of her pieces too. There must be something in ther air.

Jill in CA said...

What a bummer! I hate having to rip stuff out; I used to be lazy and not bother but I've become more particular I guess and it would bug me too. I hope it doesn't take to long to fix.

Carol said...

Oh boy! I sure can relate to you and the woes of having to rip out stitches! Sad, but at least we have each other for company with this one! Nice to meet you too :-)

Ruth said...

Aw, Jenny! It's such a pain to figure this stuff out *just when* you finally think you're done. It's times like these when I just have to step away from whatever project I'm working on before I scream! I hope it doesn't take you long to fix it!