Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Katie's new bed

She's growing up so fast! We pulled Alex's old toddler bed out of storage and set it up for her. You can't really tell in this picture, but she was so proud of her new bed. She kept coming back into her room and laying down on it even when it wasn't nap/bedtime.

I was a bit concerned that she wouldn't stay in bed when it was time to go to sleep, but that hasn't been a problem at all. We baby-proofed her room really well and we put up a gate across the doorway while everyone is asleep. That way she can't wander the whole house if she does get out of bed while everyone is asleep. She does get up in the morning a few minutes earlier than I'd like. Before if she was in the crib I could just let her play or fuss a bit while I brushed my teeth before I went in to get her. Now she can see me from the door, so I have to let her out and then she is underfoot while I'm getting ready for the day. Not too big a deal though.

The first night in the new bed, about a half an hour after we put her down, I heard a *thud* and then her crying. Yep, she'd fallen out of bed. I thought well, that is the end of that and she'll want to get back in her crib and she'll be afraid of the new bed. (We left the crib set up for a few days just in case.) Not Katie though - as soon as I opened the door to her room and the light from the hallway poured into the room she started scrambling back into that bed. She's been sleeping in it for 3 nights now and has fallen out one other time, but otherwise no problems. She still goes into her room at random times throughout the day just to sit on her new bed.


bunnyhead said...

Aw! What a cutie! Amanda fell out of her bed a few times after we set it up, but then she was fine. Don't they look so tiny in a big bed? Made me cry when I had to put my middle child in a bed to clear the crib for my youngest. Ava was about 18 mos. And we never did toddler beds because we needed the crib mattress for the new babies so they looked so little in the twin sized beds. *sigh*

Autumn said...

I've been wondering when I should make the twins' cribs toddler beds. With Eva we did it for her 2nd birthday. I've noticed that Maria can get her leg up over the top of the crib, so I've been wondering if I should do it earlier. They're getting too big way too fast.