Monday, October 03, 2005

Weight Loss :)

Still plugging away at the weight loss. Seems I was stuck at 177 -178 for ages, but I've finally moved down a few more pounds to 173!! Yeah. Okay not much, but still a lower weight than I've been for many years. I only have to lose 20 lbs more to be the weight I was when I met DH and got pregnant with Alex. Of course I could still aford to lose another 20 after that and still be healthy, but I will be so proud just to acheive my pre-kids weight.

So far the weather has been cooperating with my free exercise efforts. I've been able to continue to do 30-45 min walks everyday with Katie in the stroller going up and down the hills in this neighborhood. I have to attribute a lot of my weight loss to that since I haven't changed my eating habits that much. I'm just trying to control portions better, but I still eat more snacks and goodies than I probably should. I'm hoping to lose another 2 - 3 lbs by the end of the month cause November is usually when it gets pretty cold around here. I'll keep walking as long as weather permits and then I'll have to dig out those work out tapes I've got around here somewhere. I'm just hoping I can at least hold my current weight through the holidays and cold weather. I told DH we should hand out pencils with Halloween designs this year so that I don't go crazy on the candy like I usually do. He's not having that though so I guess I'll have to practice some good old fashioned self control.


Jill in CA said...

Way to go!! It's soooo hard to lose weight; I don't even have *that* much to lose and I swear some days it feels impossible. For Halloween I recommend getting a candy to hand out that you don't like. Then you won't be tempted to eat it. For me it's hard because I like most candies, but I'm not as willing to cheat for some of my less favorites. Good luck!

bunnyhead said...

Congratulations! I joined a gym a year ago and the scale has not budged at all since I did. But when I joined I had zero energy and was putting on a ton of weight because I was hardly moving around during the day. I've definitely toned up because I just recently dropped a size (even though no weight loss, grr). I figure it's worth the effort just to feel better each day. I feel so much better physically and mentally--- I'm sure you do too! I also haven't changed my diet.

I do what Jill does. I buy candy I don't like for Halloween to avoid temptation :)