Monday, October 10, 2005

Mirabilia Round Robin

Just thought I'd blog about this because I think it's going to be a really fun project and also I'd love to scare up a few more people to participate! :)

One day this summer I got this really cool idea for a Round Robin. Why not do portions of the Mirabilia ladies in a round robin. Sort of just the torso/head/face/wings. I'll get to stitch several Miras I might not otherwise get to, I get to stitch mainly just the fun part and skip the endless dresses, and in the end I'll have a gorgeous piece that includes "snapshots" of several Miras.

Well we are finally getting our group together and I'm so excited to start. A few people had some good variations on this idea too and will be including things besides just faces - which will be fun too. I know there are some good background elements in lots of the Miras that would also look good stitched in a section on someone's RR. Like those statues in Fairy Idyll, The Castle in Cinderella, or the Urn in Villa Mirabilia. Other people might go with just fairies or just children, or whatever. I think there is lots of room for good ideas for some really unique but beautiful pieces.

We are accepting people to participate until the end of October 15. If you think you might be interested please visit the forum at Hope to "see" you there.

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