Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

This year Alex was a Ninja (again!) and Katie was a princess. I made her costume myself which explains the lack of sophistication, but it did just fine, I think. It is just a simple skirt made out of sparkly fabric and an elastic waste and a cardboard crown. Everyone immediately knew she was a princess though, so I think it was a success. Alex made his usual rounds of trick-or-treating and is actually still out there with dad gathering candy.

We only took Katie to a few houses so she could get a few pieces of candy and feel like a big girl trick-or-treating with her brother. Unfortunately at one of the few houses we went to they had a ceramic pumpkin with a battery-operated light in it that she touched before I could pull her back. She burned her hand a bit, and cried and I could tell the poor woman at the door felt so bad. It didn't even leave a mark though and I think she was more scared than really hurt. The lady at the door gave us some ice for her hand and I decided to take her home - we were about ready anyway as she is too little to be eating very much candy anyway.

We haven't had too many trick-or-treaters here yet tonight. Maybe we missed most of them while we were out. We bought a bag of Peppermint patties and I've passed out a few to about 10 kids. Hopefully I'll use up a few more before the night is out so I don't end up eating too many of them. At least the are low in fat! (I know, not low in sugar.) I think I'll go upstairs stitch and eat some roasted pumpkins seeds. YUM.

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bunnyhead said...

DH said we had about 15 halloweenie come to the door this year. That's about all we get on this street. The kids in this neighborhood really have to work for their candy: long driveways and big lots. LOL Your kids are precious!