Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Well, I finished correcting my mistake in the Hardanger Table runner - thanks for all your encouragement and commesiration. :) So now it looks pretty much like it did in the picture - but it is all fixed and lines up perfectly. Now I can come back to it next time and make real progress. Yesterday and today I'm working on a small Lori Birmingham design on Katie's blanket.

I'm stressing today because tomorrow is my interview. I talked with a friend from my last job who also worked at the place I'm interviewing. She seems to think I have it in the bag - no worries. I'm not so sure, and I plan to spend part of today brushing up on my technical writing/grammar standards. Nothing was said about a writing test, but I had to do one for my last job and for the last interviews I was on for other writing positions, so I think it is fair that I expect one. I just don't want to study - so I'm blogging instead. Very bad girl of me, huh?

I called a daycare this morning too to check rates and policies and whether they would even have space for Katie. This daycare would be ideal as it is right next door to the place I'm interviewing. It is expensive though - $252/ week for full time care until she is 2, then it drops to $208/week. I was expecting it to be high, but yikes. I better get a good offer from the new company to be able to afford that! I think I'll check a few other places too, but convenience wise it would be an ideal location as it would also be on DH's way home from the office. It seems like a high quality place too, I have a tour scheduled for Monday and they are more than willing to let me do a few trial runs only leaving her an hour or two at first before she starts there full time. Hopefully that will let her get to know them and make a few friends before I just leave her there.

I guess I'm resigned to the fact that I must go back to work and that she must go to daycare. So now I just hope I get this job so that we will have some good income coming in and I can relax a bit. Cross your fingers for me tomorrow morning about 10a CST okay?


Jill in CA said...

Ouch on the daycare; that's about what I'd expect though based on what I'd seen around here. Once she's 2.5 and potty trained you should be able to find a fullday preschool-type daycare for a much lower cost. I'll be sending you some good vibes tomorrow for the interview!

Autumn said...

Holy Cow!! Eva's daycare is only $95/week and that's sort of on the high side for around here. I was reluctant to put her in daycare too and it's really done wonders for her and now I'm glad I did it. She has so much fun.

I'm sure you'll do great on your interview!!

bunnyhead said...

The cost of daycare is exactly why I can't afford to work. Can you imagine with three kids to pay for? My little administrative assistant salary didn't cut it. I'm sure you'll be great at your interview! Best of luck.