Thursday, January 12, 2006

A couple of Round Robin Happy Dances

I've been working on these two pieces the last few days. The house is from Sam Hawkins' "50 House Designs" and the bands on the band sampler are adaptations from Indigo Rose's "White Diamonds and Orchids." They were both quick and fun to stitch.

Now I'm working on my Mirabilia Round Robin. I chose to do Cinderella for Shannon's piece and I have a smidge done, but a long way to go yet. I forgot to note on my goals in my last post that I will also need to do a section on the Open -themed Round Robin, probably it will come in the mail late next week, or early the following week - so that will probably be around the time I finish on the Mira RR. This house was my last for the Stitcher's Lane RR and when I finish the next section for the Open-themed RR, that one will be done too. That will be nice cause I think I'm going to need the stitching time to work on the Sampler Mystery.

Sean (DH) is at an interview this morning for a job he doesn't think he really wants - but it pays really good money, so I'm sort of hoping he changes his mind. It would be enough that I wouldn't have to go back to work if I didn't want too and would at least take some pressure off me to find a job RIGHT NOW. He also has that other interview I posted about last week tomorrow. That is also a good job (doesn't pay as well as the other, but is better than most), but I'm sure there will be stiff competition, so I don't feel confident it will be offered to him. Finally I have an interview on Monday. I'm a little wary and nervous mostly cause I've been on a few interviews now during this job search and didn't get the job in those cases - so I'm worried I'm doing something wrong and no one will tell me what it is. So there are three possibilities for improving our financial situation right now - I just need one of the to work out.

I've been feeling so good this last week with a little hope from these possibilities coming up - I'm just worried that all three will be wash outs and I'll be back to feeling desperate and horrible.

Also I volunteered to help with the Sock Hop/Raffle Committee at Alex's school. It hasn't really been all that much work, but I'm finding that calling up businesses to try to get donations just makes me feel nervous and stressed and I keep putting it off. Need to get my but in gear. Maybe that can at least take my mind off this other stuff. Ever just want to put that little hamster in your head asleep for awhile?

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Jill in CA said...

Your RR pieces look great! I hope that your DH's interview went well and good luck for yours on Monday!