Thursday, January 05, 2006

DH has an interview!

For a really good job! I'm so excited, but trying hard not to get my hopes up too much. It isn't as though they are making him an offer - just an interview, so we'll see. If he does get it we'll at least be able to pay all our expenses without going into any more debt. The interview is next Friday morning, so cross your fingers for us okay?

Stitching wise I'm still plugging along on part I of the Sampler Mystery. I finished the "waves" in the border all the way around and I did that in my small metal hoop cause I was having to move around so much it seemed to much work to keep adjusting on the q-snap. I'm regretting it now though cause my hand cramped up holding the hoop for so long. So I didn't get any stitching in last night trying to let it rest up. It is still a little sore this morning, but much better. So now I'm stitching on the flowers in the q-snap. Since I'm going around a lot more slowly doing the flowers, that should be fine. I'm almost half done with the flowers. It will probably still take me a few days to finish part 1 - depending on how much stitching time I get.

The band sampler RR and the Mira RR should both be arriving at my home in the next few days. I plan to finish stitching the Sampler Mystery first, then the band sampler, then the Mira RR. We'll see though, I'm getting pretty tired of those flowers and I might have to set them aside and do one of the RR pieces for a break. :)

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KariA1 said...

Good luck to DH!!!