Monday, January 02, 2006

Year's End/ New Year Stitching

Well everyone else is doing it, so I guess I should too right? (No mom, I'm not jumping off any bridges.) Just reviewing what I finished in the last year and what I hope to accomplish in the next with my stitching.

First though, I'll share a pic of what I worked on over new year's eve and new year's day. It is the Chatelaine Sampler Mystery II that started on the first. It was released mid-day on the 31st, so I actually got to start it the night before. I really like the colors - blues and purples mostly. I'm a little concerned that the lightest color at the top of the flowers fades into the fabric too much, although it seems to stand out pretty good in the scan. Also I took a chance and subbed GAST Corn Husk for the called for SNC Chartruese and it looks like it goes well enough with the other chosen colors so I think I'm safe there.

Okay, so back to the one year ending another starting thing. :)

2005 finishes in the order that they pop into my head

  1. Lady of the Flag
  2. English Garden Welcome
  3. Cottage Garden Fairy
  4. Sisters
  5. Noah's Ark blanket for sister's baby
  6. Peonies glasses case for my grandmother
  7. Hardanger pillow for my mom
  8. several Christmas ornaments (5 to be exact)
  9. a portion of Just Nan's Common Ground that I put into a box top.
  10. Yellow "Knockered " Fairy contest entry
  11. a bunch of squares on Katie's afghan blanket - too lazy to count how many right now
  12. 8 of 9 houses on the Stitcher's Lane RR
  13. 5 of 6 sections on the Open-themed RR
  14. 3 of 8 sections on the Any Designer Band Sampler RR
  15. 1 of 6 sections on the Mirabilia RR

I think that is a pretty good list for one year's time. :) I also worked on these projects that aren't complete yet.

  1. Angel of Summer
  2. Hardanger Table runner
  3. Alhambra Garden
  4. Emma's Garden
  5. Chatelaine Sampler Mystery II

Now for 2006 goals

  1. Finish all my RRs and don't enter any more until all are complete. I've had/am having a lot of fun with them, but they are seriously cutting into my time for other projects and I just think I'll need a little break for a bit. Also four is just too many at one time. :)
  2. Keep up with and finish the Sampler Mystery
  3. Finish Emma's Garden
  4. Finish Alhambra Garden
  5. Finish the Table runner
  6. Make good progress on Angel of Summer

New projects for 2006. If I'm making good progress on my goals these are the new projects I want to add as I finish the others.

  1. Mother's Tree
  2. Silkwood Manor
  3. Stone Roses
  4. Chatelaine's Persian Iris Garden (starts in May - we'll see how expensive the fibers are and how the finances are doing on this one.)
  5. St Basil's Cathedral on opalescent fabric.

I think that is about it - although there are sure to be more projects that come up that I really want to do - so it'll be interesting to see where I'm at this time next year. Also I'm hoping I'll find a job soon, and that is sure to cut into the stitching time. Hopefully I'll still be able to finish a few things though.

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Lelia said...

What a list! Good luck on all your projects. Lovely progress photo. I think your color choice is looking good.