Monday, January 23, 2006

DH got his job too!

Yay! We actually got the call yesterday morning while we are at the grocery store only I didn't find the message on the machine until mid-morning today. Who calls about a job offer on Sunday? Anyway, it is for the county and is very competitive and we are so surprised and thrilled that he actually got it. The pay is pretty good too, although not quite enough for me to not have to take a job too. But there is definite potential for me to work part-time once we get our bills/debt caught up. Since it is a government agency, the health insurance is also really good. I am so happy for DH as this kind of non-commission job in therapy is hard to come by (at least around here) and now he can continue to do the job he really loves and make enough money to put a little bread on the table too. I was getting so worried that he'd have to take another social work position and that he would resent me and the kids for making him work a paying job when therapy was where his heart was. Now we get the best of both worlds. :) :)

He is going to start Feb. 6 too - so we will both be starting new jobs on the same day. His schedule will include some night time hours so two days a week he goes in after lunch and works through the evening hours. This will help us keep Katie out of daycare a few more hours a week as he'll be the one dropping her off and I intend to go in as early as possible so that I can leave as early as possible and be home for Katie and Alex when he gets home from school and needs to be carted to his after-school activities. Financially things are looking way up for us, but we are bit concerned about making sure we are still there for the kids as much as we can be and as much as they need us. So cross your fingers for us that we have a smooth transition.


Brenda said...

Congrats! The kids will be fine, when the parents are happy and content, so are the kids.


Jill in CA said...

Congratulations, Jenny!!! That's wonderful news!! I think everyone will be better off if you can work for a little while and get caught up on the debt. I know how hard it is to put your child in daycare (Luke was almost 3 when DH went back to work) but it is nice to be able to get some things paid off and build up some savings. Maybe your DH's job will grow in the next couple years and then you can go back to part time, like you said.