Monday, January 09, 2006

January Stitching Goals

I've finally decided that it might be helpful to jot down some goals for each month. Might help me to stay on track. I know it is already the 9th and January is already almost a 3rd over with, but there's no time like the present - right?

January Goals
1. Complete part 1 of the Chatelaine Sampler Mystery II - done - yay!
2. Finish the Stitcher's Lane RR - working on the last square now :)
3. Do another Any Designer Band Sampler RR section - just came in the mail today.
4. Finish the next section for the Mira RR - picked out but not started yet.
5. Stitch another square on Katie's blanket

Optional - if all the above gets completed
1. Stitch some on Hardanger Table Runner
2. Stitch some on Angel of Summer

That is probably way more than I can do in the next 22 days - but I'm going to give it a shot.

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