Monday, January 23, 2006

Round Robin finish

I finished up my ornament on Ruth's RR this weekend. Her whole piece is just gorgeous and includes all the TW Byzantine ornaments. I was glad that when it came to me the one that was left to do wasn't one I'd already done. :) It was fun to stitch and I used a bit of dinky dyes from the Ooops pack I bought last summer to do the accent colors. So now I've finished with 2 of the four Round Robins I'm involved in. That will be good for going back to work as I'm not sure just how much stitching time I'm going to have.

Today's objectives are to call around to a few daycares in the area, get prices and details and set up appointments to visit them. If I get any time to stitch today I'm going to work on the Hardanger Table runner.

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cathymk said...

Jen, this is gorgeous! I imagine the whole thing is fabulous. And many congratulations to DH on getting his new position.