Friday, January 20, 2006


Ugh. I feel so in between modes now. Since the new job doesn't start til Feb. 6 I still have two more weeks at home. I'm glad to have a little time, yet I almost feel like I just want to get going on the new phase of my life I guess. On the other hand, I've been procrasitinating about finding a daycare. DH hasn't heard from the companies he interviewed with recently, so I've been telling myself I want to know what his schedule is going to be, but really I just hate the thought of dropping off the little tyke for the largest chunck of the day everyday 5 days a week. *sigh* If DH does not get one of the jobs he interviewed for we've decided that he will work a part-time schedule doing therapy and then stay home with Katie the rest of the day. That way she only has to be in daycare about 20 hours a week instead of 40+. That makes me feel a lot better about her and since I was gutsy enough to push for a little higher salary we should be able to make all our bills pretty much on my income alone. DH's part time gig will just be for extras (and daycare). He doesn't want to stay home full time though cause he wants to keep his resume active in the hopes of finding more lucrative employment in a few years when she is school age. Guess I'm just feeling like all our balls are still in the air and I just want them to land already so we can move on. I don't know if any of this makes any sense to anyone reading it - but at least I'm getting it off my chest.

Stitchingwise I've hit a little roadblock the last few days. I decided when I did my Jan. goals to try to finish one block on Katie's blanket this month. UGH I hate working on that dang thing. It is sratchy and I always pick patterns with lots of quarter stitches which are a big pain on 18ct over one. I am almost finished with the block, but it took 4 days to finish a smallish design I would normally do in 2. All the job stress of getting and negotiating my offer kept me from wanting to stitch too - so that was also part of it. Anyway, I'll get that goal accomplished tonight - just doing the backstitch now - and move onto working on my Hardanger Table runner until my next RR piece arrives. Actually it will probably arrive tomorrow, so I'll have to decide whether to drop the runner and do the RR as soon as it arrives or put in a few days on the runner then do the RR. Most times I find it irresitable to do a RR once it shows up - so that will probably win out.

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Erin said...

I totally understand! I know that once I've made a decision, I hate having to wait to implement said decision, even if there are good reasons for it. I hope you find a great daycare!